Damp proof your home

Damp proof your home

Damp is one of the biggest threats to homes. Damps result in weakening the structure and also reduce home age. In Pakistan, people are always worried about dampening of floors, walls and roofs. People try the short term solutions like painting the roofs & walls or fixing tiles on walls. But after some time, damps appear again. So you actually need to permanently damp proof your home.

In Pakistan damp emerges from foundations, external walls, roof tops and joints. First of all we have to thoroughly inspect the building / home to find the exact cause of damp. After we have found reason of dampening, we can proceed to the next step; remedies.

Damp from foundations and solution

In first case scenario if damp emerges from foundations, we have to immediately check the Damp Proof Course (DPC) in foundations. When DPC is broken or not properly laid out, damp emerges from foundations. So we should immediately fix DPC by properly fixing it. This will solve the problem emerging from foundations.

Damp from roof top and solution

Damp from roof emerges when there are holes in roof or there is no proper way out for rainwater. In case of roof holes, we immediately need to fix this problem. But if roof top has no proper water drainage system, water will penetrate in the roof. So to avoid it we need to make sure that we have proper system of water drainage. We also regularly need to check the drainage pipes to ensure that pipes have no blockages.

Damp from external wall and solution

Water also penetrates from external walls, when wall plaster is broken or bricks are damaged. So first we need to know the extent of problem. In case we have exposed brick walls, we need to fix broken bricks and then can do proper pointing. In case of outer plaster is broken we just need to fix it.

Damp from weak joints and solution

Damp also emerges from joints. We need to thoroughly inspect the masonry and concrete joints like beams above doors and windows and roof slab. Sometimes there are cracks in the joints that cause water to easily penetrate inside and damage the structure. To solve this we need to properly fix the cracks in joints by plastering or either proper jointing work.


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