Factors that make a Society Safe Secure for Investment

Despite being one of the most dependable and rewarding investment vehicles, Pakistan real estate sector seems to be ignored by the governments for decades. After coming into power, every government made tall claims about reviving the sector, improving the laws and providing basic housing facilities to all – but not much was delivered on the ground. To fill the void, private developers have stepped in, making private housing schemes all the rage.

However, buying property is something that you should not do without ample search and anywhere that does not offer handsome returns on investment and security. Let’s have a look at the number of factors that make a residential society appealing for investors.

Prime Location

Most of the housing societies are gated communities nowadays but within that, you must go for good location. You must select park facing plot or home – where you can easily go to relax, unwind yourself or for leisure walk. Furthermore, park also increases the beauty of your home. At the same time, do not go for a plot that is in close proximity to grids, electric poles, or hanging wires otherwise, it can lead to any unfortunate incident during rainy season.

Residential Society must be Approved by Local Government Body

It is important that you choose a housing society that is registered under the local government body otherwise, you will be doubtful about the legality of the housing society. You can also check the registered housing societies on the prescribed websites of the governments. For instance, you must check the website of LDA to get the list of authentic housing societies, if you want to purchase property in Lahore. By taking this simple step, you can secure your investment with the promise of the increased value and promising return on investment (RoI).

Do not Compromise on Basic Facilities

Since most of the gated residential societies are modern developments, they usually provide residents with all basic amenities and facilities of life such as electricity, water and gas along with proper sewage system. And this kind of set up cannot be seen in any unplanned and under-developed residential societies that you can see in several cities across Pakistan. And when everything is left on government, the basic facilities are provided on an uneven basis in different areas – therefore, most of the facilities are poorly maintained. On the other hand, gated housing societies are clean, well-maintained and provide appealing living options to residents.

To sum up, let me say that location is not the only important factor to consider while investing your money in real estate but also see the other above-mentioned factors as well.


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