How Restaurants are Beginning to Influence Home Buying Decisions?

Restaurants Influence Home Buying Decisions | On the New Year’s Eve, my husband and I decided to visit Bahria Town to watch the midnight fireworks. We took together a bunch of cousins to accompany. Procrastinating the traffic at the peak hour (when everyone would be on the road to reach the site), we left home in the evening. we decided to spend the extra time watching a movie and then having dinner. Fortunately, Bahria town has both spots.

We went there to find out many likeminded others who were there to dine. Thanks to the dining space that saved our plan.

The point to make is: Bahria Town has set up entertainment spots even before the scheme has started habitation. It’s not about who would be eating in those dine-ins when there are no neighbors, it is rather why will anyone come to populate an area with no restaurants? Welcome to the new era!

The Era of Fooding!

In Pakistan, food craze is at its peak. People have developed their lifestyles where there is a lot of room for good, new, and diverse food. The trend has increased so much that it has started to influence home buying decisions.

We carried out a short survey based on 1500 respondents. Most of the answers supported a community where there are restaurants in the neighborhood. They said it’s convenient to dine at close quarters rather driving miles for the same.

One of the respondents said, “If I have a choice, I would go for a house that has restaurants nearby in contrast to the one that doesn’t — even if it costs me less. It is because I don’t want to waste my fuel or spend on paying Careem cab to take me to a restaurant where my friends gather to study at least 4 times a week.”

In addition, from the answers, we concluded the following reasons!

Why restaurants influence home buying decisions

Concluded Responses

• Having a restaurant nearby can buy you an easy off from cooking at home.
• It helps you cut the fuel cost.
• It keeps your children hangout within a safe territory.
• Having a restaurant nearby is an escape from a boring day.

Community restaurants are especially popular among masses because they not only offer cheap prices but also reflect on the community culture. They also provide a place to socialize with neighbors just like public parks and a community hall.

So, today it’s a win-win to introduce a community restaurant in every real estate project. Not only will it increase the value of the property but also the goodwill. Besides, you can capitalize on the restaurant as the food industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in Pakistan today.


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