Interior Designing for Small Spaces

Bigger space means you can try out various combinations with ease and can often mix and match within one room. With a smaller area, it turns into a whole new ball game altogether. Read on below to find out how you can make the most out of a small room and do some interior designing within it.

Take your pick

First of all, select the room you want to do the interior designing for. Normally people tend to start from either the bedrooms or the bathrooms and then move on to the living rooms but this isn’t a fixed deal. You can always start from the entrance of the house to your bedroom or from the living room. The order is only as limited as your choice.

Making magic

Once you have decided the room you want to modify, you can begin with the changes. The best thing that not only adds value to your house but also makes a small room look spacious is the proper flooring. Always opt for lighter coloured flooring. This gives an area the expansive feel that you are looking for in a small area. Such flooring options can be found with shops and ranges to PKR 15 to PKR 3000 per sq. feet.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors have been used since ages to make an area appear bigger than it normally is. This optical illusion is a great way to make a small area seem bigger and more spacious. Mirrors can be put up on doors or if you are a bit creative you can try putting them up on a ceiling as well. Another thing that can be done is to create an endless infinity corridor. Putting two mirrors on the opposite sides of a room give it the feeling of a never-ending corridor hence the name infinity corridor. The prices of the mirrors vary according to their size and thickness. The price range generally starts low at around PKR 10 per sq. ft and goes up as you increase the size and thickness. Glass shops can be found on Ghazi Road, Ferozepur Road, Inner City, Shadarah, and so on.

Less is more

When it comes to optimising small spaces, always remember less is more. This means that you can do extremely well with furniture items that are minimalistic, have a clean and sleek finish and don’t appear bulky. Try replacing a bulky/carved chair with a simple stool. Instantly you will notice how breathable and less congested the room becomes. With small spaces, the airier an area is, the better. There are multiple shops that cater to such items and they can be found in Allama Iqbal Town, under Jinnah Flyover, Inner City, Faisal Town, Ferozepur Road, Ichra and so on.

Neutral is positive

With this kind of a space, there are a lot of options to play with in terms of colour but you have to be smart about it. While bold colours are also an option, they are generally not recommended considering the environment here. Therefore, the safest bet in this category would be to consider neutral colours such as beige, off-white, pastel browns etc. This will ensure that the room does not become overwhelmed with too much colour. Selecting this colour palette also allows you to mix and match and add contrast with regards to your furniture not to mention the added effect of sophistication and calmness. Earthy tones are after all more grounded. Paint is easily accessible and you can find such shops in the Inner City, Faisal Town, Ferozepur Road, Ichra, Ghazi Road and so on.

Let there be light

Often the most important and the most left out piece of interior designing is the lighting. Both natural and indoor lighting is important. According to experts, the more well-lit a room is, the better. Putting up certain lighting fixtures not only add value but in fact, help the overall aesthetics of the place you are seeking to modify. These light fixtures can be found at various places such as Ferozepur road, DHA, Ghazi road, Shadarah, and Ichra.

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