Population density versus house size

Population density versus house size

The government has officially announced the results of 6th population census. Pakistani population is now 208 million, whereas the population density has increased to 236 people per square kilometer. The population density has great impact on living style as it reduces the house size. With the rising population density in Pakistan, land is becoming more expensive and house sizes shrinking.

World house size trends

If we observe the house sizes around the world we will see that biggest houses are in Canada and smallest houses are in Hong Kong. The population density of Canada is 4 people per sq. km, whereas Hong Kong population density is 16,500 people per sq. km. So this clearly shows that house size decreases with the rise of population density.

Pakistani house size trends

Old houses

The large size house construction started in 60’s as part of worldwide McMansion movement. During this time living in large & spacious houses was a status symbol. Pakistan population density at that time was just 65 people per sq. km. These large houses worked perfectly, as at that time joint family living was very popular.

New houses

But now things have changed and Pakistani houses are shrinking. This is due to the increase in population density, single family living trend and fast inflation rate. Shrinking house size trends can be seen in new housing schemes were small size plots like 3 Marla are also available as compared to old housing schemes.

Future houses

The way our population is increasing, we will see the construction of very tiny houses like 1.5 Marla. Tiny houses are not suitable for Pakistani hot weather and living style. But decline in house size can be checked firstly by controlling the population growth and secondly by starting flats construction. Flats are good to save land and can also provide spacious living.


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